Final Category: What Was 2009’s Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate?

We’ve announced 8 categories so far in the 2009 Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate: Grocery Store of the Year, Neighborhood of the Year, Most Overappreciated Neighborhood, Most Underappreciated Neighborhood, The “Only in Houston” Award, Best Teardown of the Year, Best Vacancy, and Favorite Houston Design Cliché. What’s left to cover?

We’re down to the last category — which may be the hardest one to fill. What was the Greatest Moment in Houston Real Estate of 2009? This year we had no newly shuttered stadiums, no hurricanes blowing through, no expensive new parks opening Downtown.

And yet Swamplot is dedicated to covering great moments in Houston real estate. That’s why we’re here. Did we miss a few this year? Browse through the site if it’ll help you to draw up a list of contenders; or raid your own memory banks. Then tell us what moment deserves this recognition.

A great moment is lost if there’s no one there to chronicle it or cherish it. Which is why we need your help. Add your comments or send us an email describing the moments you’d like to nominate.

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  • I have a few nominations for Most Disgraceful Moment….

  • The most curious moment would be when the 12th revised application for a permit for 1717 Bissonnet aka Ashby Hirise was approved. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And then still sue.

  • Well, for some reason it didn’t get much press coverage, or at least I didn’t see it, but the City is renovating and updating the Parks and Recreation building on Wayside, formerly one of the original NASA buildings pre-JSC. It’s one of the best surviving examples of Mackie & Kamrath’s organic architecture in town, and it will be used as an event venue in addition to office space. We didn’t even have to have a preservation battle!

  • I’ll second marmer’s nomination! I haven’t been inside the building but it is lovely. If this isn’t a “Great Moment…” certainly honoring & preserving this structure is a Very Very Good Moment.

  • Thanks, moveocelot. The Julia Ideson building expansion is another big highlight for preservation fans as well as historical researchers.

  • This is a formal nomination for the renovation and expansion of the Julia Ideson building at Houston Public Library. The grand opening was today, I think.