Finding the Uchi in the Ruins of a Tex-Mex Empire

Is that just an old wall going the way of all stucco on the vacant former Felix Mexican Restaurant space at Westheimer and Grant? Or is architect Michael Hsu’s rehab of the space — which will turn it into a Houston outpost of Tyson Cole’s Uchi and Uchiko juggernaut from Austin, plus a few other lease spaces — already in progress? Candace Garcia’s brief photo report on one piece of the Great Lower Westheimer Restaurant Rejiggering, below:


It does appear that sushification is in progress. Your clues: The yellow permit posted in one of the arched windows,

plus the framing going on in the future lease space on the Grant St. side:

More views here.

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • They only have a demolition permit at the moment I believe. My understanding is that they don’t have their full permits from the city yet. Highly unlikely that they will make the planned August opening.

  • I wonder what will happen to the old Felix sign? Its so great. And please don’t tell me to buy it :-)

  • I believe his name is Tyson, not Tyler. :)

    Also, I’ve heard that they are shooting for November 1st now which would make a lot of sense based on david34’s comment. Thanks for the updates!

  • @sushigirl: Fixed, thanks!

  • I, on the other hand, would be interested in sales informaton on the old Felix’s sign. It’s a very highly un-PC but nostalgic look back at how we perceived Mexico and Tex-Mex back in the day.

  • They’ll open when they open. Not some soft deadline .

  • We’re is this restaurant located?