Finger Company Pokes Into the Montrose District Lawsuit Fray

FINGER COMPANY POKES INTO THE MONTROSE DISTRICT LAWSUIT FRAY A corporate appendage of the Finger Companies has filed a document to add itself as a plaintiff to one of the lawsuits trying to shut down the Montrose Management District, Nancy Sarnoff reports this week for the Chronicle. The company’s Museum Tower along Montrose Blvd. sits a few blocks south of US 59 in a narrow south-pointing offshoot of the district’s boundaries, making it one of the property owners assessed a regular tax; Sarnoff writes that Finger’s new filing zeroes in on that 2016 petition to dissolve the district, which proponents say has garnered signatures from property owners of about 80% of the district’s land area; the filing claims that the district has been trying to invalidate individual signatures in an effort to bring that total back down below the required threshold for dissolution. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Museum Tower

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  • My lower peripheral vision interpreted that mosaic bottle in the sponsor post as a freshly poured draft beer at first glance… Then it registered and my sudden spike in elation plummeted back down to Tuesday….

  • Toby, its Wednesday now! You got this week licked! Cheers.

  • If the Montrose District was actually doing something besides maintaining an office staff and posting expensive signage, I might be persuaded to support its existence. As a district resident traversing our pothole riddled streets on a daily basis, I’m just not seeing the benefits for the cost incurred. These entities should not exist in perpetuity with no transparency or oversight. I applaud the Finger appendage for taking action.

  • Good .Get rid of the management districts. They’re taxation WITHOUT representation scams !!

  • Love this. The location was chosen in honor of Alex Hill, a 21-year-old killed in the crosswalk during a January 2016 hit-and-run.