Firefighters Accept Buzzbee’s Mediation Offer; River Oaks Baptist School Breaks Ground on Expansion; Shake Shack Approaches Opening

Photo of Main St. Square: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Hmmm let me see if I have this right: $72 million taken from HISD for recapture –> $72 million added to state surplus –> $72 million more available for lowered corporate taxes, more loopholes, more public/private partnerships, etc more available for “Texas is open for business” –> higher CxO bonuses for “increased bottom line” –> CxO has more $$ available for the RO Baptist “we need more room for your precious ones” campaign –> $65 million addition on to ROB school. Am I close????

  • Close to making sense? No.

  • Yeah I’m working on the Powerpoint for that one, it really is a proactive paradigm that leverages synergies though!
    Just like a “right to work” state is really a “right to fire” state, the “Robinhood” recapture system actually steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

  • Wow! River Oaks Babtist school is taking out the Walgreens on Westheimer for an entrance. Tuition starts at $20k and goes to $27k /yr. is this school anywhere near Kincaid or St John’s standards? Or rich kid rejects of those schools? Will they teach real science?

  • Someone file a missing persons report for HIBTK. A church demo/expansion story and no rant? I’ll start searching empty fields south of the Dome.