First Colony Mall’s Used-Car-Dealer Valet

FIRST COLONY MALL’S USED-CAR-DEALER VALET Your keys, please? A local used-car dealership is the new sponsor of the “free” valet parking service at First Colony Mall in Sugar Land. Independent used-car giant Texas Direct Auto, which has its roots in eBay (and still sells most of its cars online), now has its blue and white umbrellas parked in front of the Cheesecake Factory and on the mall’s interior street near Kona Grill, with valets ready to take your car. The company’s main dealership is just 5 miles north of the mall, on the 59 feeder road. And yes, the company does take trade-ins. [Ultimate Fort Bend]

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  • Let me guess. You’ll get a complimentary flyer advertising their product on your passenger seat?

  • I bought a car there last year, almost 20% below certified pre-owned at the dealer, I believe they are the largest Ebay seller in the world, and no I do not work there.