First Floor of Downtown’s Henry Brashear Building Will Soon Be Caffeinated

Caffé di Firenze is the name of the coffee shop now on its way to the 127-year-old Henry Brashear building at 910 Prairie St., across from El Big Bad and Local Foods’s downtown location. Despite a renovation in 2016 that added red face-paint to the building’s formerly-black façade, its first floor has remained vacant for the past several years. Plans now call for that story to include a sidewalk seating area that’ll hang out in front of it.

Meanwhile, the building’s longtime owner is still working to get one or more tenants in the upper 2 floors — which include this outdoor patio:


Photos: LoopNet

Coffee Grounds

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  • Never ceases to amaze me how little appetite there is for historic office space in our city of 7 million. There are probably 300 or so buildings scattered throughout the city which are essentially midrise glass cubes, and almost all of them are doing better than these beautiful empty downtown historic renovations. Where is the creativity?

  • Agreed. Lack of parking is my guess as to why this building’s office space remains empty.

  • I’m actually excited to see this coming to downtown. We need more late night cafe’s… I can definitely see myself being here along with the Boomtown Coffee location on Main.

  • I”ll never forget the time a deranged naked man climbed all the way up to the roof and harangued passers-by from that notched pediment.

  • That place looks awesome.

  • Who cares about the parking- I’m excited to have another place to grab coffee while I work. not every new business needs to be able to cater to folks trucking themselves in from Katy.

  • Re: parking. There is a new surface parking lot (RIP Chronicle bldg) right across Travis and a parking garage on the other side of Prairie…

    I can’t wait for this cafe to open!

  • and we all know that detroux needs his coffee…

  • It would be a cool building to live in. But then again nobody really lives in these historic buildings downtown either.

  • All; Super excited to be able to bring this true authentic Italian coffee shop with the coffee beans being roasted in Italy, into this beautiful City Of Houston and in this Amazing old historical building. Will update everyone on the ground opening date. We are looking at the end of September, beginning of October 2018. More to come….