First Look at Dow Chemical’s New Lake Jackson Campus; The Latest Shake Shack Opens Today

Photo of Hobby Center: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: 60% Drop in Homelessness since 2011
    I don’t know if I buy into what the article is selling. But, if it is indeed true, then the remaining homeless have all clustered inside the Loop. Tent cities and panhandling abound in Midtown, despite the recent green light to clear them away.

  • The homeless clusters may have gotten larger, but my daily sightings of them in the montrose area has dropped to once every blue moon. Haven’t seen any of the regulars in years.

  • @ joel …. you should have your vision checked. The homeless are definitely there as I see them every day but it does seem to be fewer in number (of course this occurs every winter, such as it is). While not technically Montrose you should check out the area around the old Sears on Main St. where, despite new fencing, the numbers seem to have grown exponentially.

  • panhandling is worse, as is homelessness.
    in my mind, they are two separate things. a panhandler may be homeless, and a homeless person may be a panhandler, but the two are not the same.
    the reason homelessness is down is because the overall population has grown faster than the homeless population, but the homeless population has absolutely grown.
    it’s sad that our country does more to protect our oil providing countries than to provide some kind of help for the homeless.

  • @ WR – I’m with you on this one. The homeless presence in Montrose is especially evident at bus shelters (Westheimer & Montrose, Montrose & Hawthorne, Montrose & Richmond), the 527 Spur at Richmond and at W. Alabama.
    The panhandlers are also becoming more aggressive; not quite Austin-league yet, but snottier and more persistent than in the past.

  • Toasty- we even import helpless people rather than provide help for the homeless we already have or improve our nation’s school facilities etc etc.