Fitness-Club Scavengers at the Washington Ave Crew

A photo snapped at the storefront of Crew Health and Fitness at 4826 Washington Ave., in the restored shopping center between Shepherd and Durham, taken around 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Yes, the workout shop is now officially out of business. But what are all those yellow tags attached to the window? Free passes — to LA Fitness on Richmond! A tipster tells Swamplot the LA Fitness sales team heard news of Crew’s demise around 10 a.m. on Sunday: “They had representatives at the doors trying to sign people up when we went by.”

Photos: Swamplot inbox (Crew Fitness storefront) and Aaron Carpenter (West End Shopping Center)

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  • I think its time to get a 24 Hour Fitness on Washington.

  • Sweet!, now there is more parking for Soma.

  • I always thought the area where Wal-Mart is going would be perfect for a 24 hour fitness.

    I find it odd there is no 24 hour anywhere near the Heights or Washington, seems like a huge market they are over-looking (big box store and all).

  • A lot of douche bag’s G-T-L routine just got all kinds of screwed up….

  • Thats funny, I had to look up G-T-L on Urbandictionary.

  • I don’t find it odd at all that there is only one inner loop (super sport) 24 Hour Fitness. Why invest big dollars in the inner city for the same 30 dollar memberships that can easily be attained while occupying an old grocery store in the burbs for a mere fraction of the cost?

  • If you want a great place to work out with fantastic trainers, try Shana Ross Fitness on W. 22nd St. Really good rates right now on private and semi-private training and small-group fitness classes. Nutrition programs are FABULOUS! 713 861 7272 Ask for Lauren!

  • iLackTact is aptly named. Just sayin

  • Oh sorry. It was the other guy.

  • this was a terrible gym location, and parking was going to be a battle from day one. hate to be johnny-come-suburb, but it was a better call to work a deal to redevelop the site with CVS and give them their free-standing deal with drive thru. Soma would be down the street somewhere, hopefully with easier access/parking, crew would not be under, and this property would be better served than the future it has. now the owner spent time/effort with this problem, has a built-out gym that is not usable for another gym (nightclub, here we come…for 9 months), has 3500 sf that doesn’t lease (my guess is from lack of parking/ability to pay the rent) and has a basement (???) that will never lease.

    all of this, and he could be on a beach right now, getting his checks in the mail from year 4 of 20 with CVS as the return addressee.

  • What’s the buzz on the new gym on Washington near the old corkscrew?

  • As a former member of the Fitness Exchange (Crew’s predecessor), I am not the least bit surprised this gym closed down.

  • Come join us at Anytime Fitness on 1102 Yale, nextdoor to Lola Cafe. Our yoga/zumba/ ab class studio expansion will be complete in 3weeks. Not to mention if you came from Crew, we are running a special just for you! Come check us out!

    BOOTCAMP starts oct 4th, $99 for unlimtied sessions for the month, sessions are as followed..
    M&W at 530am and T&TH at 7pm

    Clay K
    Marketing Director
    Anytime Fitness Heights.

  • Surprising that fitness con artist Shaun Kelley wasn’t there trying to snag members to the gym he’s already closed.

  • From Mike “The Situation” – You gotta GTL everyday to make sure you’re looking your best bro. If your shirt looks bad it makes the whole product look bad.


  • @Andy – The gym you are referencing is called Washington Gym. It is owned by James Dang who trains many high profile Houstonians. Here is a link to the gym’s website:

  • If you need a place to Zumba, Houston’s original and most popular Zumba instructor, Jerry Maese recently opened his own Zumba studio. Information about Jerry and Tropa Zumba’s class schedules can be found here –

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  • @Chris – Thanks! It’s actually good to see other options besides the chains for this area. Driving through i10 or 610 traffic to the nearest 24 is a pain.

    Will need to swing by the Washington Gym and check it out.

  • There already is a 24 hour fitness center near Washington. Its called Memorial Park.

  • I see equipment is still there. I wonder if they’re selling it off? I could use an elliptical at home..