Floating Plans for ‘The Standard’ Affordable Housing Between Master-Planned Fall Creek and a Wetland Bank

FLOATING PLANS FOR ‘THE STANDARD’ AFFORDABLE HOUSING BETWEEN MASTER-PLANNED FALL CREEK AND A WETLAND BANK homes in Fall Creek master-planned subdivision, Northeast Harris County, TX, 77396Fort Worth developer Ojala Holdings is looking at putting a 120-unit apartment complex called The Standard at The Creek at Fall Creek Preserve Dr. and N. Beltway 8, reports ABC13’s Tracy Clemons. About 110 of the units (planned for a piece of land between the Fall Creek master-planned community and the nearly 1,000-acre Greens Bayou Wetland Mitigation Bank just across Garner Creek to the east) would be slated for tenants making 60 percent or less of the area median income. Would-be-next-door Fall Creek residents tell Clemons they’ve already started writing letters to state and local officials in an effort to block the project; Ben Sileo says that the residents “don’t think this subsidized housing project is right for the neighborhood,” adding that building the apartments on the currently empty land would mean “foregoing the possibility of some other development that would bring higher value to the area. [ABC13] Photo of Fall Creek homes: Fall Creek

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  • bad idea jeans – Fall Creek has some nice homes, but 60% of the area income ain’t saying much.

  • lolz, yeah, the area should really be preserved for a development of higher value…like another landfill or waste management site.
    You live right off a tollway in the middle of nowhere on the cheap side of town. Exactly what do they think is going to be built out there? Maybe the city can give Fall Creek a 6mo timeline to find a developer of higher value before letting the company plow ahead? However, to that point I’d agree it’s an absolutely horrible location to place subsidized housing. It’s isolated from decent jobs, affordable transportation and quality infrastructure. Not a place to find good opportunities for you or your children if really are low income. Probably have a better statistical chance dealing with the slumlords and crime in town.

  • I do agree that this location is better suited for something else. It doesn’t make sense to me to build “affordable” apartments on land that has a lot of BW8 frontage and sits between a master planned community and a nature preserve.

    I would really like to see the demographic data developers are using for this area and how old it is.
    I feel there’s a lot of hesitation from developers because they aren’t familiar with the NE quadrant of Houston and there’s not enough recent demographic data. This boom in E/NE Houston is bringing in a lot of quality development and this is not what the area needs.

  • The recent Supreme Court decision would seem to require that affordable housing be built in suburban locations, right, i.e. in “rich” neighborhoods that are 100% car-dependent and don’t have any employers nearby?

  • I think it should be for low income Seniors 50+, or the disabled. I would love to live there. It’s near my grandboys schools. I pray it doesn’t flood in that area.

  • Only because I’ve seen the apartments on the opposite side of the freeway Thrive I believe that this will be just fine, I just feel like they should build a sidewalk because regardless of whether people that move in, who are car dependent or not they will still be walking alongside that road to get to the shopping centers, especially the teens & dependent’s. I know one thing that will absolutely be necessary is a large retention Pond like how they have across the freeway, only because I was in Hurricane Harvey and that area flooded very badly, but fortunately didn’t get damage in the apartment homes.