Flooded La Fisheria Returns Downtown; The Lasting Economic Impact of the Astros’ Win

Photo of Discovery Green: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • How’d that Braeswood Place home make out during Harvey? That information is suspiciously missing from the press release. IIRC, TV crews were interviewing Cruz and Castro about the devastation just blocks from there. $1.275 million is an awful lot to spend on an unelevated house in the flood plain.

  • I had the same question. Surely it flooded…right? If not, that seems like a good deal.

  • The Drummond house neighborhood is in HCFCD’s “hopelessly deep” area, according to ProPublica. https://projects.propublica.org/graphics/harvey-maps

  • Interesting map! The 4127 Drummond lot is indeed marked as having flooded during Harvey. I notice that most of the “gaps” on each block in that area aren’t because the lot didn’t flood, but because the house in that spot previously flooded and had already been elevated. I was actually over in that section of Ayrshire last weekend for other reasons, and we were driving around (Tartan, maybe, also the 4100 block) looking at how renovations were progressing.

    You could tell how carefully the realtor promotional language was dancing around the issue, discussing the “pristine condition” and the prior renovation, but not mentioning anything about the storm. Huge red flag.