Following the Tile off a Lovett Square Terrace

Another unit has waded into what seems to be a recent flurry of turnover in Lovett Square, the 36-stuccoed-condo community occupying a city block at Bagby-Tuam-Brazos-Anita in Midtown. The 1979 project by William T. Cannady Architects was an early stab at high-density redevelopment of an area once considered downtown’s South End, where vacant and aging properties and freeway ramps hung out together. This was before the Midtown moniker and the multifamily multiplier effect grew legs, however.

One of the larger homes in the staggered-like-a-pueblo project listed Friday at $193,000. The gated complex has several courtyards off a central promenade. This unit’s entry, however, is off a shared mezzanine-level terrace (above), reached by this exterior staircase:


This sideline view of downtown comes with the territory:

The outdoor grid of Saltillo tile continues inside; the wood-burning fireplace (above) even takes it up the wall a bit. (Upper levels in the 3-story unit have wooden floors.) The home’s simple front door opens into a 20-ft.-by-19-ft. living-dining area. All other rooms in the 1,930-sq.-ft. unit have at least one 12-ft. dimension:

One door from the living room leads into the working end of the kitchen, the other its informal dining area:

Electric appliances in the kitchen include a double oven and a cooktop within a counter-above-cabinetry. There’s also a walk-in pantry:

Two staircases, including the one with a cut-out wall off the kitchen (above), lead to 3 bedrooms on the upper levels. The master bedroom has walk-in closets and easy access to the utility room:

The second bedroom:

Meanwhile, on the top floor, there’s a room with glass-door access to a nifty rooftop deck:

Vanities and sinks vary, though each bath features wallpaper with oh-so-slimming vertical stripes. Here’s the master bathroom, its original gray tiles dubbed “new modern” in the listing:

The second full bathroom has a walk-in shower, visible in the mirror:

There’s also this powder room on the first floor:

This unit, which carries a $450 monthly maintenance fee, includes 2 parking spaces in an at-grade lot beneath the buildings, green-screened from the surrounding Midtown streets:

A quick tour of Lovett Square shows the grassy courtyards and promenades, which end in gates on the north and south ends of the complex:

The groomed grounds include some seating and “pet stations,” and walkways include sections of the signature Saltillo tile:

Here’s an as-the-crow-flies-south view of the complex. Nearby are a lowrise office building with fenced parking lot and an increasing number of new infill townhome projects:

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  • OMG, I had flash-backs of my old Park Memorial condo when I looked at those pictures. Same 1980s construction, windows and surfaces. Wonder if you can find any R values above 5 in the entire place?
    I also wonder how soon those buildings will be condemned so the property can be converted into new multi-level apartments that allow twice as many people to “live” in a given footprint?
    Run. Run away fast.

  • Ex-Park: Eh? The property looks pretty cool. Am I missing something?

  • Seems ok, but the monthly fees are $450. Ouch.

  • !@ex-Park Memorial!

    My thoughts exactly. Were they by the same builder, because this is one case of buyer beware and do your homework.

  • Cody, have you forgotten about the Park Memorial debacle??

  • Different builder than Park Memorial. These were wey ahead of their time. Very cool.

  • Yes, different builder, but many of the same touches outside and in. Even the roof shots look like my old place at ParkMem.
    Park Memorial had great grounds and cool plazas. ONE building (of 7?) had structural issues in the parking area which gave someone a tiny opening to have our entire neighborhood condemned in just a couple of weeks.
    It happened and will happen again.

  • Park Memorial and this property were built in the same era: late 70s, very early 80s. Maybe not the same builders, but maybe the same work crews?

  • I always LOVED this complex. Still do.

    There was nothing wrong with Park Memorial that couldn’t have been fixed. Didn’t the City formally announce that the complex should never have been condemned in the first place? Park Memorial’s demise was a result of incompetent, if not criminal, behavior by the HOA and certain individual unit owners who wanted to sell the complex as a whole in order to realize above market prices. Their plan backfired. Their fellow owners got screwed.

  • Bernard, did you own at Park Memorial?

  • One tme I got drunk and staggered like a Pueblo.

  • Hi i was looking to buy in Lovett Square. Is there anything I should be worried about? Besides the Maint being high, does anyone know anyone staying there? Do they have any issues?
    Thanks for the reply

  • 4 1/2 years later and still units (different ones I hope) are on the market at Lovett Square. Did anyone ever answer the 2013 question from the potential buyer?

    “Hi i was looking to buy in Lovett Square. Is there anything I should be worried about? Besides the Maint being high, does anyone know anyone staying there? Do they have any issues? Thanks for the reply”

    Because now I am considering it : )