Food Trucks Among the Trees in Spring Branch East

FOOD TRUCKS AMONG THE TREES IN SPRING BRANCH EAST Another parcel of Houston real estate is being given over to food trucks: The Mangum Food Park is set to open in Spring Branch East in about 2 weeks, reports the Leader. The new park will be located at 2924 Mangum Rd., pictured here, just east of Hwy. 290. And unlike the busted concrete, street art, and for-lease signs that lend the Houston Food Park in East Downtown an urban grit, this spot outside the Loop would seem to have more of a rural feel: “The property . . . has been in [co-owner Paige] Hughes’ family since the early 1900s and has been a dairy farm and residence. The main work so far has been clearing ‘lots of dead trees’ . . . Enviably, there’s a row of large trees still standing along the south side of the land, which, along with canopied areas and plenty of tables, will provide shaded eating . . . .” [The Leader; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 2924 Mangum Rd.: Mangum Food Park

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  • Wow.Spring Branch shows up Houston and actually makes Houston look amateurish vis-vis: opening a green,verdant locale for it’s food trucks. Ironic since Mayor Annise(I’m delaying any major road & street reconstruction/repairs-except in Midtown/Downtown- until I’m safely out of office in 2017)grew up in Spring Branch. She can’t get the dysfunctional jerk offs aka Houston City Council to UPDATE the food truck ordinances and foment a THRIVING food truck scene here in Houston.Our sorry City Council strikes again. I’m NOT in the food truck industry or anything remotely related. Just another thoroughly DISAPPOINTED TAX paying citizen tired of out LOSER elected REPRESENTATIVES NOT doing what is BEST for their constituents!!! Instead a couple of greasy City Council members derail(based on some insane logic that terrorists may use propane tanks to launch a terrorist attack)any improvement in our food truck scene. That alone is a sad insight into that Council members BS smoke screen tactics. Probably because HE is owned by the brick & mortar DOWNTOWN restaurant SPECIAL interests!!! The City of Spring Branch gets it act together(re: food trucks) and the 4th largest City in America, CAN’T. Pathetic.Maybe I’ll move to SB.Which has some VERY nice neighborhoods, BTW.

  • Patrick, Spring Branch is in the City of Houston. It is not a separate entity. Annise Parker is the mayor for SB.

  • This plot of land is in Oak Forest, not in Spring Branch—Hempstead Road/Highway marks the northeast border of the management district.

  • Yes, it’s definitely Oak Forest, not Spring Branch. But it would be a nice addition to that neighborhood. Good luck to them!

  • Yep, definitely not Spring Branch. Not even close. Not sure why anyone would even think Oak Forest is Spring Branch. Weird. But, yay! Food trucks in my neighborhood! Bring it, Bare Bowls!!

  • Yippie!!! About time… and right around the corner too! *hoot, hoot*