Foot Guy Back to Harassing Houston’s Female Real Estate Agents, Warns HAR

FOOT GUY BACK TO HARASSING HOUSTON’S FEMALE REAL ESTATE AGENTS, WARNS HAR HAR central office, 3693 Southwest Fwy., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77027The still-anonymous guy known for calling female real estate agents to get them to talk to him about their feet is back at it, a message on HAR’s blog notes this week. The caller, who among other noted habits often asks for descriptions of nail polish and footwear and “will usually request that [the agent] remove her shoes for improved cell phone reception,” has been on HPD’s radar for a while, but calls from a blocked number (and hangs up abruptly if male agents get on the line). HAR asks that any Realtor who gets a foot-centric call mention it to the police, and notes that “the real estate profession involves interaction with consumers who, in most cases, are complete strangers. It is therefore recommended that when meeting a prospective buyer at a property, conducting an open house or any other meeting between Realtor and consumer alone, you exercise caution and common sense.” [HAR via Houston Chronicle] Photo of HAR Central Office: HAR

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  • I’d listen to that shit all day long for a 6% commission on office overhead. Although 3% would have to go to the agent being harrased.

  • I almost commented. It’s really not appropriate.

  • When I worked in the cosmetics dept at Foley’s years ago, we had a guy who called all the time. He would start out sounding like a legit customer wanting to order a gift for his wife. Quickly the conversation would turn from questions about perfume choices to what color of toe nail polish the employee was wearing, or whether you could see it through pantyhose. You could always tell when a new employee answered one of his calls by her reactions after a minute or two.

  • I’ve heard about this, but I’m pretty sure it’s a prank thing not a perv thing. What’s the most ridiculous thing you can get a realtor to do over the phone. Not very original though.

  • First, do not answer the call from a blocked number. He has called me in the past and he really is a sick MF. Whoever mentioned they would listen to his crap for a 6% commission has got it all wrong, No one should have to listen to being harassed at any cost. What we do is wide open and you never know if that same creep on the phone will also show up your open house or pose as a buyer and make an appointment to see your listing. We must remain vigilant and consider treat pranks as a serious threat to our safety and well-being.

  • “will usually request that [the agent] remove her shoes for improved cell phone reception”

    hahaha, omg. That’s classic. Seriously, W.T.FUUUUCK is wrong with some people?