For Sale: What the Esperanza School Is Leaving Behind

The little ’uns have left the buildings: The Infant House, the Little Treasures House, the Wee-Bits House, the Toddler House, and the Bloomer & Sunflower House are all vacant now. The Esperanza School, a Heights daycare institution, has moved west to the former Ben Milam Elementary at 1100 Roy St., leaving its unique campus cobbled together from Heights Blvd. and Harvard St. houses behind. Founded in a grand Lovett Blvd. home in Montrose, the school moved to Heights Blvd. in the mid-eighties, expanding into adjacent and nearby kiddie cottages one at a time. And now they’re all for sale, in little mortgage-bite-size pieces!

Well, almost: all except the main school house at 639 Heights Blvd. (now under contract, snatched up before it could be listed), and the Discovery House at 429 Heights Blvd. (which the owner is keeping).

But 5 of the 6 listed and deed-restriction-free properties form an almost-contiguous (okay, there’s an alley down the middle) 35,700-sq.-ft. plot across 7th St. from Donovan Park. One reader comments: “The two on Harvard back up to two on the Blvd., so that is at least a dozen townhomes. No law against a high rise, either.” A quick tour of the homes standing in the way:


The Bloomer & Sunflower House at 643 Harvard, for $299K:

The Infant House at 645 Harvard, at $329K:

The House of Little Treasures, at 638 Heights Blvd., listed at $299K:

The Wee Bits House at 642 Heights Blvd., for a wee $299K:

. . . and the parking lot next door, yours for another $299K:

Left all by itself, across the street: the Toddler House at 641 Heights Blvd., $349K:

What made this little Heights school compound so special? “They had in-ground swimming pools,” reports the parent of a former student. “They are called ‘Esperanza – The Outdoor School’ and they are (or were) more Piaget than Montessori.”

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