Former Brown & Root Building 3 Moving on from Amazon Lure to World Series Contention

The lights have been changed again in the vacant office building at the center of Midway’s newly renamed East River site on Buffalo Bayou in the Fifth Ward. The 12-story former Building 3 on the KBR campus the development firm bought last year has progressed from referencing Amazon minus a couple of vowels to spelling out our city’s well-accomplished hometown baseball team minus its initial A. The view above was captured by a Swamplot reader from Clinton Dr. last night

The AMZN lettering lives on, though, at the end of a promo video Midway produced to rep Houston — and its mostly vacant 150-acre former industrial site:


Also in the video: a brief glimpse of the building spelling out its earlier HTX mantra.

Here’s a slightly different version of the video, Amazon-free but equally millenial-rich:

Photo: Sean Cuevas. Videos: Midway Companies

’Stros in Lights

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  • LOL, I am sure the quick changeover will be noticed by the Amazon HQ2 selection team.
    Houston just lost any chance they had (not that they really had any).

  • Even if Houston ever had a chance, I have a feeling our beloved local glorified-community-college-on-Cullen would find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  • AMZN = Amazon’s stock symbol. We have a better chance at winning World Series so wise choice by the building owners…