Former Heights Blvd. Home of Waldo’s and Boulevard Coffee About To Reach Equilibrium

Future Equilibrium Social House, 1030 Heights Blvd., Houston Heights

The latest in a stream of coffee shops to grace the bungalow at 1030 Heights Blvd. will open next month, the owner of the new establishment reports. Equilibrium Social House will serve coffee, teas, and baked goods in a building that’s been repainted (see above) since the departure of Boulevard Coffee. Inside, there’s a new counter and serving area and new furniture. New sliding doors will allow some interior spaces to be closed off for private meetings. The EQ patio will be open to both humans and dogs.

Photo: Equilibrium Social House

Three for Coffee

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  • Gawd. What is up with these pretentious names?

  • Maintaining the exact same business model in a location where it failed twice sounds like a solid plan.

  • Dag, Boulevard Coffee only closed shop after 6 months because of a “falling out” with one of its partners. Otherwise it would have continued to grow and was doing very well. EQ will fill a void that was left and is investing a lot to time and money to ensure a lasting presence in the heights.

  • Boulevard was always packed when I was there, so I would be surprised if they folded due to lack of customers. Looking forward to having a coffee shop back!

  • Paradoxically, I hope these folks are hipsters because hipsters make good coffee, but I think we already have enough in the Heights to make me feel uncool for a lifetime (looking at you, Boomtown). Might this be a place for the less cool among us, but with good coffee?

  • If they bring back the triple berry tart, all is forgiven.