Former Mason Jar Now Bulking Up for Goode, with Fajitas on the Way

The neon signage facing the I-10 feeder road at the former home of the Mason Jar has been stripped off, as the spot gets built out for a takeover by the Goode folks (as seen in this shot captured by a reader this week). After the ongoing expansion andテつpatio-making wraps up, the spot will offer a menu at least somewhat reminiscent of the company’s Kirby Dr. taqueria, based on barbecue heir and current owner Levi Goode’s musings to Eric Sandler last month. The new brand’ll be called theテつGoode Company Kitchen & Cantina; Goode told Sandler there’s a second one planned for the Woodlands.

A few old Mason Jar labels are still visible to the east of the building:


Photos: Swamplot inbox (ongoing construction);テつBarry B.テつ(former Mason Jar)

Kitchen & Cantina Conversion

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  • Hey, why does the Downtown District get to be SSotD two days in a row?

  • I noticed the other day that the Mason Jar was missing its labels. Did I miss a story on Swamplot? Seems that place was there forever.

  • Vivre le Pappy’s! As long as Pappy’s lives forever, we can absorb the loss of its corporate kid brother which kind of sucked. Hopefully goode co will not be importing that weak tomato paste they call bbq sauce

  • The Goode Company name will plastered along I-10 like it does to its locations along Kirby Drive in The West U. Area. The Goode Company is known for some good Texas grub. Believe Me…

  • @Troy Goodwin …. it has been for years