The High School Formerly Known as Robert E. Lee About to Swap Buildings, Too

6529 Beverly Hill St., Woodlake/Briarmeadow, Houston, 77057

The recently remonikered Margaret Long Wisdom High School is prepping for its scheduled student body transplant as the school year winds down. The shot above shows the main entrance of the school’s almost-ready new building, tucked behind the old one along Hillcroft Ave. south of Beverly Hills St. That older structure, which cut its Confederate ties about a year ago, should be getting erased altogether starting in June, a reader involved with the project tells Swamplot.

Here’s the flip side view of the glassy main entrance above, which should be unlocked in time for fall classes:


The Hillcroft side looks to be a bit more easily defensible than the address-bearing Beverly Hills entrance:

The central courtyard has already been vegetated:

So has the edge of the building facing Skyline Dr. to the south:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Creeping South on Hillcroft

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  • If a high school gets a new name and a new building, is it still the same high school? Is it too late to rename it The High School of Theseus?

  • how much did it cost taxpayers to rename all of those schools to be PC? How many millions were wasted so they could pat themselves on the backs?

  • Wisdom school seems right on spot and mission-minded; Margaret Long too long. Worse than Lee.
    Time to truncate: Wisdom High.

  • Glad these students are getting a new facility.

    My old alma mater’s original building that had some upgades in the mid 80’s were still lacking as even those improvements continued the jail block style from the original 1960’s architecture.

  • I’m offended by the new name. We need to change it again please.

  • Should have just shortened the name to Lee HS. Half the people can say it is named after Robert E. Lee and the other half can say its named after Shelia J. Lee. Everybody wins.