Former Roznovsky’s Hamburgers Blacking Out, Will Wake Up as Tacos A Go-Go

Former Roznovsky's Hamburgers, 3401 TC Jester, Garden Oaks/Oak Forest, 77018

The shuttered former site of Roznovsky’s Hamburgers is now dark on the outside as well, as Tacos A Go-Go makes final preparations to dance into the space. A reader sends this shot of the current state of remodeling of the building at 3401 W. T.C. Jester (at the corner with 34th St.). The burger joint shut down last year a few months after proprietor Ron Roznovsky passed away in February.

This will be the third go-round for Tacos A Go-Go, which was previously thought to be headed for the former La Fendée’s spot on Westheimer as an addition to its Midtown and Heights locations — that spot got claimed by Cafe Layal instead, and the current location was announced in June. The strip center behind the once-and-future restaurant may be getting some other new neighbors in the coming year as well; the Leader reported at the end of last year that several spots were open for tenancy between 1 Stop Food Shop and Mirage Cabaret.


The Roznovsky’s spot was snapped up in April by Braun Enterprises, which previously bought up and redeveloped Harold’s in the Heights on 19th St. into a Torchy’s and the Heights General Store. Braun’s laundry list of other projects include recently opened Thai restaurant Foreign Correspondents and drive-thru Vietnamese spot Oui Banh Mi, headed for the former site of Lucky Burger’s barrel.

Photo: Brie Kelman

34th at W. T.C. Jester

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  • This makes me sad – Roznovsky’s was a great neighborhood hangout that lasted for decades. They had cheap, standard burger fair, and friendly service. They also sponsored local kids sports teams and were active in the community. I wonder if there is even capacity in the Houston market for mom-and-pop restaurants like this, or even an old-school Texas hamburger. Seems that nowadays everyone wants their burger to be on gluten free brioche bun, topped with arugula and aioli.

    A bit of history for newer Houstonians: the older, original Roznovsky’s (in what is now called Rice Military) was a mecca in the 60’s and early 70’s for the downtown suit-and-tie lunch crowd. Then it slowly declined until it became a dump and was closed in the early 90’s. I attended the closing party. At that time, you were scared to leave your car unattended on the street just outside the place.

  • Superdave—
    I know what you mean. I really enjoyed Roznovsky’s, the staff was always really friendly and the burgers were reliably pretty good. Thanks for the history. You ever go to Mytiburger on 43rd?

    I am looking forward to Tacos a Go-Go and would welcome it if it upgraded that strip center.

  • Try Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack [5230 Westpark Dr, Houston, TX 77056] see for great buffalo burgers – under the Westpark Tollway near 59 and 610

  • Cant wait! We love tacos a go-go and will frequent often. Hopefully this will put a fire under berryhill on 43rd to get its act in gear since they will now have cheaper and better tasting competition near by.
    Superdave – you should try mytiburger, you may forget you ever had Roznovskys after.