Former Starbucks Across Richmond from Current Starbucks Slated for Pacific Poke Transformation

Pacific Poke is the latest newcomer to Houston’s booming raw fish restaurant scene, and it’s taking over the empty 1,802-sq.-ft. spot on Richmond once occupied by Starbucks, next to what’s now Roostar Vietnamese Grill. The Starbucks location — shown above —  closed down shortly before a brand-new Starbucks showed up across the street from it, just east of Chimney Rock in early 2016.

That left the building briefly vacant before Roostar arrived the following year in the spot next door to the abandoned coffee shop — now slated for a redo. Its Vietnamese restaurant space is shown below, done up with the 2-location chain’s abstract poultry-like logo:


Photos: Crystal John K. (Roostar and adjacent storefront); Vici V. (Starbucks);

Raw Seafood Chaser

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  • I’m a decent fan of poke bowls but I think there’s WAY too many popping up all over town. I predict a Mattress store like saturation and decline.

  • Screw that, tell us more about the Supra!