Fort Bend Parkway Will Grow South, Stay Away from the Loop

FORT BEND PARKWAY WILL GROW SOUTH, STAY AWAY FROM THE LOOP The Fort Bend County Toll Road Association plans to start construction of a $20 million, 2.3-mile southern extension of the Fort Bend Parkway from Hwy. 6 to the Sienna Parkway later this year. (The Hwy. 6 underpass will cost an additional $20 million). Plans to to build a 3-mile-long northern extension the Fort Bend Parkway — from Rte. 90A through Westbury, so it connects to the southwest corner of the 610 Loop — have been on the books for more than a decade, but Harris County officials aren’t interested in building it. [Houston Chronicle] Map: HCTRA

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  • YAY! Happy to hear the proposed extension of the tollway won’t branch out from 610 near Westbury–for now!

  • It sure would be nice if the tollway could be connected to the 610 loop. After paying all that money, it is ridiculous to have to cross railroad tracks and then grind through congested traffic lights just to get onto 610. Many times you have to wait for a train to go by. If nothing else, the junction of 90a and post oak could be improved by adding a southbound flyover connection to join the southbound overpass to the Westbound overpass, thus fixing the RR crossing jam problem. It would only take about 100 ft of high level connector road. PLEASE!!

  • Needs to connect to 610 and needs to be a freeway. I am sick of all these payway on this side of town!

  • also need a feedr road