Fourth Houston’s First Baptist Church Moving into Whitewashed Former Union Building on Jefferson

Exterior renovations are nearly complete on the 39,213-sq.-ft. building Houston’s First Baptist Church took over from a local branch of the Communication Workers of America on the corner of Jefferson and Chenevert last year. The new location is number 4 for the church — existing worship centers include the flagship spot on the Katy Fwy. just outside 610, as well as other sites in Cypress and Missouri City.

Crews began whitewashing the brick walls adjacent to the curved entrance drive along the building in January:


The spot at 1730 Jefferson marks the church’s first full-sized return to Downtown since it left its original home on Lamar between Fanin and Main more than 30 years ago. In 2012, First Baptist began leasing a small space at that same original location — which had since been redeveloped into an office tower.

Photos: Houston’s First Baptist Church (mid- and post-renovation); Raus Construction (Communication Workers of America building)

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  • More discrimination, huh? I’d ease up on religion if separation of church and state was accurate. Republicans take the Bible and make state laws with the text found in the Bible. Can’t believe southern states are actually trying to shut down every last Planned Parenthood. Guess Jesus wanted women to not have proper healthcare.
    Should have retail in place of this church..

  • With the Baptist cup running over that they have to have a FOURTH location of the FIRST Baptist Church, one would think an enterprising Baptist minister would create the Third Baptist Church of Houston and drain off that excess supply of worshipers.
    (We already have a local Second Baptist Church with several branches..)

  • Are they planning to add the exterior “shell” depicted in their renderings on site?

  • “Crews began whitewashing the brick walls…” Seems appropriate , considering the type of people who make up the baptist church.

  • I wonder how much per year this cost the school district and city in tax revenue, which we all must make up. It’s a continuing scam. At the very least, the property is receiving city services and should pay for those like we all do. They could pay the school tax out of their charitable nature.