Fraud Scheme Investigation: Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Low-Doc Loans

FSI Trailer

It’s not just a burgeoning problem that’s destroying neighborhoods and creating havoc in the real-estate market: Mortgage fraud is now also the target of over-the-top TV-show parodies. Yes, “FSI: Fraud Scheme Investigation” is . . . a training video for bored mortgage professionals — or anyone who’s suspicious (or wants to be) that he may be surrounded by unlawful real-estate hijinx.

But really, “FSI” is so much more than that. Designed for “maximum employee learning retention,” the DVD has been a runaway hit for Interthinx, a company that ordinarily provides risk mitigation and compliance tools for the financial-services industry, but occasionally breaks out of that mold to film comedy-dramas like this or its predecessor, “Desperate House Lies.”

But wait, there’s more!


Fraud Angels

Capitalizing on the breakout success of “FSI,” Interthinx is announcing its next production, which will premier in March: “Fraud Angels.”

Fraud Angels will involve two different and equally pervasive mortgage fraud scams that crescendo as one large, potential crime against a single lender. This intermediate/advanced level of training on DVD will cover:

* detailed anatomies of the insidious scams portrayed in the film,
* red flags within the loan files uncovered by both technology and solid underwriting practices,
* emerging mortgage fraud scams,
* and the latest information on “risk mitigation technology.”

Presented as yet another industry education service by Interthinx, Fraud Angels will be a tremendous, free training tool that will message the importance of corporate citizenship and integrity, quality control and keeping a watchful eye for fraudsters who constantly change their tactics and target new victims.

Stills from Fraud Angels

Bottom left photo: Moses Sparks