Free CNG Buses Will Crisscross Downtown

FREE CNG BUSES WILL CRISSCROSS DOWNTOWN Beginning next spring, a new free shuttle service called Greenlink will connect the George R. Brown Convention Center to City Hall — and about 20 stops along the way. The fleet of seven 30-ft.-long buses running on compressed natural gas is being paid for by the Downtown Management District, Houston First (the new corporation that now operates the convention center), and British gas company (and new Downtown tenants) the BG Group, with help from a grant from the Federal Transit Administration. Buses will run every 20 minutes along the 2.5-mile route from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays only, and every 7 minutes at lunchtime and other peak traffic times. Update: Stops haven’t been chosen yet, but here’s a route map. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: George R. Brown Convention Center

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  • 20 stops? It’s only 12 blocks from George R. Brown to the City Hall Annex via Walker/McKinney.

  • I had the same thought, Paul. They must stop 2x on each block. Those 12 blocks are only about a mile. I guess it will be nice on really hot july days. I think I rather walk it though… faster and healthier. Also, do they really need a fleet of 30?

  • Paul, northside girl: I believe the article says it’ll be a 2.5 mile route, so probably not a straight shot between the 2 points. I imagine they’ll hit several key points in the downtown area.

  • It says a quantity of seven(7) thirty foot long (30′) buses…not thirty buses. I hope the CNG catches on…would love to see some more CNG stations in Texas.

  • The DMD tested the bus in our parking lot. I have a picture if you want it.

  • Still not as good as the “trolleys” they had before the train.