Freeway Townhouse: New Owner Is Much More Flexible

The last time
the peachy little townhouse-by-the-freeway at 2232 Riverside Dr. was available for sale — in the good ol’ boom-boom days of May 2007 — the owner refused to make any repairs on the property, which was listed for sale at just under $500K. What’s up with it now?

A good year after it was sold (for a much lower price, about half[!?] of what someone paid for the next-door unit just a few months later), the 2003 townhouse with the front-row view of 288 went back on the market! And it’s still there.


This time around, the property started out — in July of 2008 — at $524,900. The next month, the price was cut $10K. Then about $25K more a few months after that. By mid-December, it was down to $459,900.

Today, 3 more price cuts later, it’s still available — for just $359,900. But you’ll want to act fast.

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  • Okay, I’ll bite. What needs repairs? I can’t tell from any of the photos.

  • When this townhouse first went on sale last July it was listed at $52,490. Someone had left off a zero. I emailed the realtor to note the error, but of course didn’t hear a response. Classy.

  • If you have a creative imagination, you can envision 288 as a blissful river, that is if you can get past the smog, the 18 wheeler blow horns, and the 5 o’clock traffic…