Frenchy’s Chicken 2.0 Will Hit the Spot Down Scott St. from the Original

Frenchy’s Chicken is gearing up to open a new restaurant on Scott St. so that it’s original — there since 1969 — can get out of the way of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church‘s planned expansion. (You can see the church’s slated roofing peeking out behind Frenchy’s in the photo above.) The restaurant’s new location: 2 blocks south of the current one, in the former O’Sat Auto Detail shop pictured at top on the northwest corner of Blodgett St. There, a spate of building permits filed within the last few months reveal Frenchy’s management is about to get started on renovations.

It’s a bit of a detour from the chain’s original relocation plan. Last May, Frenchy’s top brass Percy Creuzot III (the son of the chain’s founder Percy “Frenchy” Creuzot, Jr.) told the Chronicle‘s Cindy George he’d staked out a spot 5 blocks north of the current one where Alabama St. ends across from UH’s indoor football practice building. Sure enough, Creuzot’s business partner Anthony Gaynor consolidated several adjacent lots he owned at the southwest corner of Alabama and Scott 2 into a single property last year — and a few months afterward, demolished the building it that’d done stints on it as number of different barbecue joints:


A sign heralding Frenchy’s redevelopment plans now stands in its place but as of yet, it’s the only new structure erected onsite.

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  • Isn’t there a Popeye’s directly across Blodgett from that new Frenchy’s location?

  • Yay! Bring on the Frenchy’s.

  • I’ve been in Houston long enough to remember when there was a Phillips 66 gas station on that corner of Scott and Blodgett. Later that same corner was the site of a Kentucky Fried Chicken, a Blimpie’s, and a soul food restaurant, as well as the auto detail shop, all utilizing the same building (if I’m recalling correctly).

  • Popeyes is fantastic. Frenchy’s is better.

  • When I was a student, and also working nights for Shell Oil on Old Spanish Trail, I used to look forward to going to Frenchy’s once in a while, it was just down the street on OST. One day I went to pick up an order, and when I got back to the office and started eating, I noticed there was a drum stick with a bite in it! WTF? I was was from far West Texas, and never lived in a big city; I was naive about everything back then, I had never seen anything like that. I went back to complain to get my money back, I was just offered more chicken instead. Ha… that was the last time I ever ate at Frenchy’s, and that was before 1985!

  • Montrose Resident- that’s just part of the whole Frenchy’s experience. They’re just making sure it was seasoned right.

  • Frenchy’s is a ripoff 12 piece mean is like $25 to $30 no thanks

  • @Joe.. ba-ha-ha… if Swamplot had normal social features, I’d rep you! That was hilarious.

  • I went to Frenchy’s when they opened at Beechnut and SW Frwy. The food was good but the management nad hired help went out of their way to be rude to people. I’ll never eat at one again.

  • So is the new French’s going to be at Blodget or Alabama?