Fresh Drone Aerial Videos Show Progress of Houston’s Government-Funded Sprawl

From the self-described “guy with a quadcopter” behind Skyhawk Videos, here’s new aerial footage from high above the brand-spanking-new intersection of I-10 and Houston’s latest orbiting ringroad, the Grand Parkway. The view is primarily to the southeast, with a few tilts and glances in either direction; the new section of State Hwy. 99, aka the Grand Pkwy.’s Segment E, begins in the upper right of the initial image and extends to the lower left, across the Katy Prairie to the outlet mall in Cypress, running over an ancient burial ground in the process. The highway is carrying the last of its free traffic; tolls kicked in on Friday, about a month and a half after the segment opened and just a few days after Skyhawk’s drone shot.

In the lower right of the image is the new 151,600-sq.-ft. Katy Costco and gas station, scheduled to open to the public this Thursday. Its 14-acre site is the focus of its own separate video as well, filmed on January 25th:


Under an incentive package approved by Houston’s city council over the summer, Costco will get $1 million in tax reimbursements from the city for building an access road to its own store and making other area infrastructure improvements. The company is receiving an additional $1.5 million in reimbursements from the Cimarron Municipal Utility District for making the site suitable for construction.

Aerial View of Grand Parkway and I-10, Katy, Texas

Videos and still: Skyhawk Videos

Grand Parkway, Costco, Cars!

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  • Does the sprawl bring the roads or the roads bring the sprawl? Sometimes it seems the latter.

  • I think the word “drone” is being overused. It’s just a fancy R/C helicopter. Still a cool video, though!

    Also it’s amazing that Houston can support another loop road with a radius of 20-30 miles from downtown. As much as I’d rather see increased density in the core of the city, it’s great that Houston is growing so much to justify the sprawl.

  • Don’t get it – it’s like Google Earth but with cheesy new age background music.

  • @Eric
    It’s a complete DELUSION to think that Houston or any city can support another ring road like the Grand Pkwy. The city and taxpayers won’t feel the full effects of the bill until 25 years from now when all the infrastructure has to be replaced. It’s the growth ponzi scheme that this entire country has bought into. Spend 15 minutes on to see evidence and support. Thanks.

  • So we hate town houses (density), and daily lament tear downs, but in the next breath, we deride sprawl. Sheesh.

  • Aka government funded destruction of endangered species habitat.