Freshly-Painted Mango’s for Lease on Lower Westheimer


A Montrose hang for lovers of live punk, metal and experimental sounds, Mango’s nightclub has sprouted a “for lease” sign.

The building at 403 Westheimer Rd. next door to Avant Garden has a history as colorful as its newly-painted exterior walls and patio:




Over the last 30 years it has been in the possession of German-born chef Willie Rometsch (of Michelangelo’s and the Bismarck fame), and later cooked for a time as the Oven punk club (pictured at right). theovenWhen the Oven’s pilot light went out in 2002, it became a restaurant called the Appetite Repair Shop for a short while.

In 2006 the building was purchased by its current owners, the couple behind Richmond Ave Mexican and Central American restaurant mainstay El Pueblito Place, who renamed it Mango’s and operated it as a Mexican restaurant, which later became a vegetarian restaurant and coffeehouse with some live music.

Gradually the bands elbowed aside the kitchen staff and most recently Mango’s has been operating as a full-time music venue, open until 2 a.m. every night.


Photos: Ayn Morgan (Mango’s); Loopnet (The Oven)

The Ever-Changing Face Of Montrose

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  • I remember back in like 2006 I helped host a after hours part there were only like 20 people showed up good times

  • I’m curious as to how many times HPD showed up in response to the neighborhood residents noise complaints.

  • I have a house down the street and walked by this place 100x. Never was motivated to go in. It seems nothing does well there.

  • That place is a hole

  • Well, Future Islands played there before they got big. That has to count for something, right?

  • Local Natives played at Mango’s in 2010. Suckers opened for them. It was the busiest I’ve ever seen Mango’s. Robert Ellis also started his Whiskey Wednesday shows at Mango’s before moving to Fitz. I’ve seen a lot of good shows there. Well, I should say I’ve seen a lot of good bands there, the shows were kind of meh, as those columns and the room setup sucked.

  • The Oven, if you’re old enough.

  • Seen many a good band there, iceage, cymbals eat guitars, etc, but it’s still Omar Afra detritus the b or c stage to Fitzgeralds.

  • It’ll be leased before end of the year, another Bryan Caswell concept: afterhours bar for restaurant
    industry peeps: every other drink free if you tip properly and good prices on coke and xanax.

  • This place has been turning into a shithole ever since FPH ditched it for Fitzgeralds.

    It will be forever remembered to me as 1 of 5 places I could get drunk at when I was underage and listen to shitty bands that couldn’t find a better place to play on their tours.