Freshly Sold Hans’ Bier Haus Shutting Down in 4 Weeks

FRESHLY SOLD HANS’ BIER HAUS SHUTTING DOWN IN 4 WEEKS Hans' Bier Haus, 2523 Quenby St., Rice Village, HoustonThe little beer garden and bocce court at 2523 Quenby St. announced its planned July 15th closure this afternoon, following 21 years of fond but fuzzy memories (give or take a few neighborly physical and legal altercations with inhabitants and employees of the nextdoor condo tower at 2520 Robinhood). The news also follows this week’s sale of the property by a legal entity connected to Hans’ partner Paul Kellogg, conveying the spot to one JSS Texas Holdings. Hans’ announcement says that plans to celebrate the bar’s last month in action will be announced soon. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of Hans’s Bier Haus:  Swamplot inbox

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  • Oh yeah, this is the place where the high rise was built next to the bar, the people bought a condo in a high rise next to the bar, and then they got upset that they lived next to a bar. Well, they should be happy now, the last bit of character in The Village is soon to be good. They can live their mean, ugly, tacky lives in the high rise.

  • What’s next, they shut down the fabulous Marquis II? Goddamit, Houston.

  • I say this last month should be one of complete and utter debauchery – increase the noise, traffic, and general obnoxiousness by ten-fold just to get one last jab at the highrise neighbor.

  • Sad. It was always a fun place.
    I guess not fun enough though, or they’d not have decided to sell.
    Here’s hoping that the buyer builds something even more offensive to the condo owners next door.

  • For the high rise neighbors’ sake, I hope Zone d’Erotica II moves in after Hans is gone.

  • The same people that get so upset about the closing of iconic establishments are the same people that don’t go there anymore. Many nights there are only one or two people in the Bier House. If the business had a lot of customers every night, I doubt if it would be closing. The facts are that there is competition in the area (Gingerman, Kelvin Arms, etc.) and many customers complained that the Bier House smelled like a New York subway station when you walked in.