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  • Convert the tennis court to a garage with a full machine shop and I’ll take it.

  • Yeah, I get that it’s on 20 acres, but it’s still $322.55/sf in Fresno!

  • One can see why the wealthy complain so much about taxes. In a perfect world, this person would have been able to afford separate indoor basketball and tennis courts.

  • This place is appraised at half the list price.

  • I question the wisdom of placing a series of glass French doors along the perimeter of a basketball court.

  • This doesn’t look like a house of a businessman or someone who earned their money, this is definitely a ball player of some sort, they always overpay ridiculously for houses in the oddest locations. This might be worth 1/3 of the asking price. Location, location, location.

  • I haven’t been there in a long while – is Arcola still a dump of a town?

  • Foxcatcher South?

  • Notice the upstairs viewing area. When you want to watch your kids play ball, but can’t stand them actually touching you.

  • @commonsense

    Everyone who works “earns their money” whether or not you deem the pay scale to be appropriate or profession to be worthy of its compensation level.

    However, this home is owned by Joseph Qualls, an energy trader… Not a ballplayer who falls out of bed and chooses to becomes one of the best few hundred or thousand at their game in the world without much effort, only to make poor real-estate purchases with the easy millions gifted to them.

  • @Marc, for what it’s worth I compare professional athletes to race horses. They cost a lot of money, they’re groomed and taken care of, and are owned by the truly wealthy and important people in the game, the team owners. And just like with horses, their opinions are worthless, and their IQ is generally below room temperature.

    If the owner is indeed an energy trader (and not Enron style trader) then he has made some very very poor real estate choices and will take a very hot bath on this one.

  • Did one of the Rockets get traded?

  • @commonsense I would venture to say the broad and comparative strokes with which you paint athletes says more about you then the overpaid thoroughbreds whom you think so highly of.

    Bottom line is this… The house was not built by, for or has ever been lived in by an athlete. Your assumption was grossly inaccurate.

    Beyond that minor detail, horrible taste, questionable location choices and the like are not the sole province of athletes. In all honesty, most freshly minted athletes acquire their homes in whatever new-money neighborhood their realtors, advisors and other teammates call home. See Lake Olympia in the 90’s and Sienna Plantation today for areas approximate to this one off of Highway 6 teeming with race horse, errrr athlete money.

    Alas, there are countless “businessmen” (that I would gather meet your professional approval) for every one athlete who overbuild to their heart’s desire in areas that the more judgmental among would deem foolish.