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  • Ewww!
    First I thought there was mold all over the ceiling.
    Then I just feared for my life.

  • Ok, I don’t get why someone needs a tv in the bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, why do these really big houses have more full ones than they have bedrooms? I understand half baths here and there. You would hate for someone to have an embarrassing incident because they couldn’t sprint fast enough across your enormous house. But if all the bedrooms have en suite baths, then there should be the same number.

  • Just another grotto. Nothing to fear.

  • That’s a quasi celebrities house. Owner played 17 years in the NFL.

  • Well, this is kind of over the top. I wonder why with all this tech in this house the kids room still has a 12-year-old white one-piece eMac?

  • What’s up with the square footage “Building Sqft: 12,000/Seller” followed by “Measure room dimensions/square footage if critical.” Can the realtor not just get the estimated size from the tax roll, or are they trying to hide something here? And who the hell has time to go measure each room in a house this size?

  • I would guess that the extra full bath is out by the pool so people can shower. Or in one of the six garage bays.

  • Just another Ex NFLer downsizing….