Friday Group Photo Feature: The Corner of Kirby and West Alabama

Here it is: Swamplot’s first-ever group photo feature, created by our readers! This feature was pieced together from reader pix taken in and around the intersection of West Alabama and Kirby Dr.

How does it look?


A slideshow showing all the submitted photos:

Thanks to all our participating photographers!

If you’ve got questions about the pix or comments about the area, add them below. And if you think you can do better, join us for our next assignment!

Photos (top to bottom): emilycovey, photine [license], can-da-chee garcia, Mr. Kimberly [license], can-da-chee garcia, can-da-chee garcia, can-da-chee garcia, photine [license], samstreet, samstreet, can-da-chee garcia, samstreet, can-da-chee garcia, photine [license]. Map graphic: Mr. Kimberly [license]

5 Comment

  • I am so glad to see that the Grackles have returned! I drove through that intersection headed home from work for years. The congregation of those birds signaled the start of Houston Fall to me. I was worried the missing trees would confuse them, but they always seemed to prefer the power lines. What a noisy and awesome display of nature in our city. Thanks for sharing it with me!

  • Fantastic photo of the construction-tape-entangled pedestrian.

  • From Merrie:
    Fantastic photo of the construction-tape-entangled pedestrian.

    and so appropriate especially for this area recently.

    Any one who wants a good view of the beautiful chaos of our city should go to the balcony at the Borders at kirby and alabama. I would of shot some pics for this assignment from there if I had a camera.

  • I do like the idea of this project.
    There will be such a wealth of recorded detail, for comparison, as things change in Houston.

    [This week I wanted to show the progression of a stream – its snaky loops making relentless progress downstream, wiping out banks & trees in its path. I had some pics but not a good, continuous record; guess I need to start snapping right now!]

  • I love the birds and have wondered forever if some Verizon Wireless engineer and some Sprint PCS engineer are accidentally sending signals into each other and the streams cross in front of whole foods.