Full Color Artillery Deployed Inside Staid Briargrove Park Home



Viewed from the curb, this 1965 Briargrove Park home appears as neutral as its neighbors. But the rainbow room within spills Peep-like pastels throughout the interior. Listed last week, the extremely cheery property’s asking price stands at $625K. It’s located midblock within the neighborhood, which is located east of the West Belt between Westheimer Rd. and Buffalo Bayou; this lot’s listing touts its north section pedigree.

Let’s hop inside for the Easter Parade . . .



A chocolate bunny appears to be the only candy missing from the floor plan’s basket. Most of the rooms off the 3,210-sq.-ft. home’s side entry and foyer (above) are open to each other. As the color wheel spins between rooms, pops of preppy pink, green, and blue take turns as background paint and perky accents:






As with the hallway, the enclosed central atrium has tile flooring . . .


and several skylights:


Although the tiles extend into the the kitchen, they hit the wall — rather, a picture window — at the eat-in end, which takes floor-to-ceiling to a whole new level of optics:




And the: contrast. Even the beams have been neutralized in the family room, which has the fireplace and a rare patch of wooden flooring:


The 2 bathrooms and powder room prove camera shy, but all 4 bedrooms made the listing photos. Their color-and-carpet pairings also feature spring in their step:





This space with alcove and storage, adjacent to the driveway, leads to the 2-car garage at the back of the 11,294-sq.-ft. lot:



The back yard sports a bit of a southern accent:


Briargrove Park comes with a community pool, playground, and tennis courts. There’s a $845 annual maintenance fee.

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  • Wow! that! is! a! lot! of! color!

  • This looks like a peacock threw up in it!

  • Anybody have the number for Wes Anderson’s location scout?

  • This is amazing – I love seeing a time-capsule such as this lovely, well-maintained home!
    So well-loved.
    And yes, the worst is over now
    The morning sun is shining like a red, rubber ball

  • Grotesque.

  • It offends my delicate sensibilities! But I’ll wager that 50 years down the road, our cutting edge will be about as sharp as a butter knife. I’m with movocelot on this one – nice to see a home lovingly maintained and, moreover, at least thematically coherent.

  • I admit that I wouldn’t keep the wallpaper in the kitchen – but I might ask to have those Peter Max style curtains.

    It looks like they renovated each room, one at a time, as they had spare money through the decades. The kitchen is from the late seventies, the living room is from the eighties, and the dining area is from the nineties. Then they took really good care of everything. It’s a crazy mishmash, but it’s the sort of mishmash that comes form living somewhere for a very, very long time – which is the sort of thing few of us do anymore. I have a feeling they would have gotten to that white alcove off of the garage, then started over again on the kitchen if they’d had the time.

  • I think somebody was a Lily Pulitzer fan. Like that pagoda mirror above the sofa.

  • This is my grandparents home! All the decor was put together by my late grandmother. She was a lovely person and we all miss her dearly. This home is a true reflection of her passion for life and love.

  • Grandson – wow, that must have been an awesome place to visit when you were a kid. Your grandparents seem to have taken really loved the place.

  • Given the sea of blah, inoffensive gray and beige toned listings, this is a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t live with most of it on a regular basis, but I appreciate the style.