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  • you’re not kidding!

  • Wow – I think that’s the Idlewood floorplan from Dream Homes (popular build-on-your-lot outfit popular in the 70s/80s…eventually gobbled up by Jim Walter Homes and dismantled, if I recall correctly.)

  • Bridgeland: Impressive that you could gather than just from those photos!

  • Cody: When I was a kid in the 80s, I used to write letters to builders requesting floor plans & brochures. Every holiday and birthday, my favorite gifts were house plan books. I would pick out my favorite houses and design communities on giant posterboards, with lots drawn out and all. I was a weird kid…who grew into a weird adult who works in GIS and tinkers with home design software in my spare time. One of my favorite games is Try-To-Figure-Out-The-Builder. So, thanks! :-)

  • Bridgeland: lol, we need someone that like working for us. e-mail me. cody at fatproperty. Maybe if it’s even just to contract draw out some building sketches / unit floorplans. I can do that (used to be the one to do it) but I have no time anymore.