Future Gas Station Coffee Shop Tops the City’s List of New Historic Landmarks

FUTURE GAS STATION COFFEE SHOP TOPS THE CITY’S LIST OF NEW HISTORIC LANDMARKS former Gulf Oil Filling Station, 3709 La Branch, Midtown, Houston, 77004Among the structures designated as historic landmarks by the City yesterday: an abandoned gas station at 3709 La Branch St. in Midtown. The interior of the 1925 Gulf Oil filling station has been unemployed for the past 30 years, though the exterior has occasionally taken gigs as a canvas for grafitti artists. The structure, which is now under protection in perpetuity, will become Retrospect Coffee Bar in coming months, as part of the larger Almeda Yards development planned for the area. The shop will offer local coffee and sweets, and will attempt to preserve the structure’s original feel. [Paper City] Photo: City of Houston

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  • Is “Historic Landmark” what was once called “Protected Landmark?”
    Isn’t there a difference between protected and not protected?

  • Thanks, James! Only “protected historic landmarks” get the additional benefits (some, but not all, of yesterday’s list received that status). Article has been corrected.

  • This is Houston. Nothing is protected in perpetuity, except humidity.