Fuzzy’s River Oaks Shopping Center Taco Shop Ceases All Restaurant Activity

A closeup shot of the close-up notice now posted on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s freestanding building — tucked behind the curved southernmost strip in the River Oaks Shopping Center — reveals that the restaurant has shut down indefinitely. The photo at top shows Fuzzy’s fronting a driveway to the shopping center’s back parking lot off Peden. The taco shop took over the space at the beginning of last year; it had been vacant since Pesca World Seafood shuttered in it 4 years prior.

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  • I knew Fuzzy’s was there, but I feel like most people probably didn’t. It wasn’t all that visible from the highly-trafficked front area of the Shopping Center, so you really had to go down Peden to notice it, which has far less through traffic and foot traffic. And it’s not like it’s a “destination restaurant” which generates a bunch of buzz to bring people seeking it out–Fuzzy’s is the kind of place you drive/walk/bike past a bunch and pop in because it’s cheap and convenient. It really depends on people noticing it and constantly being reminded it’s there;
    TL;DR, mismatch of location and type of restaurant.
    What might do well in that spot is something like Nobie’s or BCN Taste & Tradition, which generates a lot of press and gets big margins on the people who do show up.

  • It’s about time this wreck closed it’s been circling the drain ever since it opened. The food was horrible and the staff were clueless. I work for a few food delivery apps and every time I picked up there it was a 20 or 30 minute wait even though there was only two or three other people in the place. One day I watched every order they put out go back because it was made wrong and then watched as they gave my order to someone else and made no attempt to stop her once they realized what they had done.

    I only ever saw one shift manager every time I went in there and he was always running between the register and helping in the kitchen.

  • That location is is jinxed. WR needs to teat t eh building down and add more parking spaces!

  • Jsb is correct. This was the worst management of a restaurant I’ve ever seen. I was accosted by homeless in the restaurant and waited 45 minutes for an enchilada plate. The staff appeared to be high all the time.

  • I only went for their breakfast tacos and burritos. My recent morning visit several weeks ago I noticed they had changed their operating hours. Bad location, bad parking. Shepard at that location is not a friendly street for drive by patrons.

  • I disagree with everyone who says it’s a bad location. Mockingbird Bistro was hidden a few blocks away next to a laundromat, at least three blocks away from Shepherd or any major street and yet it thrived for years. I live across the street from this Fuzzy’s. People were suspicious/annoyed when it took what it seemed to be years to get the place opened, and then when it did finally open the food was mediocre at best and the service was awful (although the employees all seemed to be overly friendly as if they were stoned). I don’t really know why nothing succeeds at this place. The building is in a convenient central location AND they have one of the most beautiful outdoor patios in town. I would have used it more often except the food wasn’t that good. How about putting in an inner loop Chacho’s?