Fuzzy’s Taco Shop’s Continued Takeover; Grand Parkway Pros and Cons


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  • Torchy’s is for people that hate tacos. Tacos are a deseptively simple yet refined over generations food, Torchy’s is about cramming 1,100 ingredients that don’t belong together into a cheap off the shelf tortilla.

  • What I learned from the “Most Expensive Suburbs” article is that Dallas has almost fallen out of the top-10 most populated list. We’re #4, soon to be #3, San Antonio is #7, and Dallas is #9.

  • Tacos: I don’t get it. I looked at the Fuzzy’s menu and everything either has lettuce and tomato or avocado. This seems like another taco chain for transplants from the far north.

  • Darn, I wanted to compare her mugshot to her realtor advertising photo but HAR already yanked it.

  • Yeah I don’t get the love for Torchy’s, and yet there are long lines of hipsters and yuppies at the ones I’ve seen. They’re not doing you a favor by cramming it full of ingredients; it just makes the taco soggy and overwhelming. Just like I found Givrals’ sandwiches inedible because they cut the meat like 1/4″ thick. I can eat two normal banh mi’s from a regular Vietnamese sandwich shop in one sitting; I felt like I had to choke down just one at Givrals.

  • Mike you get what you pay for at Givrals.

  • Is that a pic of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop?? ??

  • Why is everybody talking about Torchies? The article posted is for Fuzzys…

  • @AREJAY, lol, just caught that, I guess Torchy’s tacos are so bad just the mere mention of a hipster taco joint causes overt hatred for their king.

  • Re: Real estate agent charged with criminal trespass for alleged hook-up
    Pretty ballsy (pun intended) to bring your paramour to the house that you sold yesterday but before the new homeowner moved in. Doubtful but I hope the contract includes “professional steam cleaning” of all carpets before move-in.
    Though, I will give a tip of the hat that she was up at 5AM for her romp. She’s an early riser!

  • best cheap, fast, “fancy” tacos are at the post oak whole foods

  • Pretty ironic that there are so many True Houstonians disparaging Torchy’s for making inauthentic tacos. Next time you head over to The Original Ninfa’s or Chuy’s, remember that Texas is the home of the original bastardization of Mexican cuisine: Tex-Mex.

  • AREJAY: I’m talking about Fuzzy’s. Don’t get me started on Torchy’s.
    Carpetbagger: You need a history lesson. Texas used to be part of Mexico. Mexican food has been part of Texas all along. Tex-mex isn’t a “bastardization”, but a regional variant. Mexico is a big place with lots of distinct cuisines.

  • I like Torchys. #confessyourunpopularopinion

  • Texas used to be a part of Mexico for a whole 15 years.

  • Torchy’s used to be pretty good about 6 years ago when Julia actually ran her food truck (I had a few tasty tacos @ Guava Lamp on Waugh in the summer of 2010) . I think Julia and her business partner(s) are going the usual route of maximizing profits and reducing the previous quality of the ingredients.