Gaining in Houston’s Gayborhoods

GAINING IN HOUSTON’S GAYBORHOODS So home prices are rising in urban areas — no surprise there. But nowhere are those prices rising faster than in so-called “gayborhoods.” That’s according to Jed Kolko, crunching the numbers for Trulia: “Neighborhoods where same-sex male couples account for more than 1% of all households (that’s three times the national average) had price increases, on average, of 13.8%. In neighborhoods where same-sex female couples account for more than 1% of all households, prices increased by 16.5% –– more than one-and-a-half times the national increase.” Prime Property’s Nancy Sarnoff adds that in Houston in Rosedale prices are up 16 percent and 14 percent in Hyde Park, where the 1920s Jackson Blvd. bungalow shown here is for sale for $425,000. [Trulia Trends; Prime Property] Photo of 1223 Jackson: HAR

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  • Correlation something something causation.

  • And in other news, water is still wet and fire is still hot.

  • to me everything is explained through numbers and economics. what you’re probably seeing here is the wealthier couples have the means and resources to move/congregate to ‘hoods where they;’ll feel included. that probably means the wealthier couples are disproportianately moving into the same ‘hoods with each other than the less wealthy population samples are able to so you end up with a lot of the more prominent gayhoods packed with all the wealthier couples. less wealthy population samples would not be able to perform the same feat.

    so by default, yes the more prominent gayhoods are rising in value as are all other wealthy/urban areas in these cities.

    correlations is certainly no causation though. it’s just another exmple of our modern-day income stratified cities.

  • Gay couples often “pioneer” moving into marginal neighborhoods. The correlation between gay couples moving in and home value increases has been around for a couple of decades.

  • And this is new news? I second your comment Walt.

  • Richard Florida describes this as the “Bohemian Index” in the Rise of the Creative Class.

  • You could equally say that prices went up in Houston neighborhoods where street names are US state names.

  • Where do they get the data on same-sex couples by address?

  • yawn, @ Superdave – the man/NSA knows all

  • Superdave: Probably from Census data. The question on same sex couple status is now part of the process. As for the assumption that same sex couples are wealthy, that is pretty much a myth. There is usually more disposable income if they don’t have children, but I think you will find that as a group, since gay couples have none of the same tax benefits, etc. as straight couples,the assumption does not hold up.

  • …gay couples have none of the same tax benefits, etc. as straight couples…

    Depending on your state, that was true until about 10:00 this morning.

  • And for Texas that means that the Tax situation is exactly the same now. Just get married out of state and file jointly.

  • wasn’t saying that the couples are any more wealthy than any other sub-groups. however, i would assume that the wealthy folks within this sub-group (and probably any other minute minorities for that matter) tend to congregate more centrally than wealthy folks in larger sub-groups.

  • and also, the ruling today didn’t touch Section 2 of DOMA so states still have the right to reject and not honor licenses from another state.

    however, the amendment to section 3 means everyone will be able to pull federal benefits if married, regardless of whether the host state recognizes the marriage or not.

    it’s still a big mess requiring a lot more litigation to sort out.

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  • Awesomeness @ godsmack.