Gallery Furniture’s Far Out, Biggest Store Ever; Walls of ZZ Top Memorabilia at the El Cantina Superior

alvagraphics at at Shepherd and Center

Photo of AlvaGraphics at Shepherd Dr. and Center St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Why would anyone live in a 30,700 sq ft, 11 bedroom house? Unless they have 10 kids, then it’s just to showoff. I wouldn’t want it, even if I had the $16m.

  • “One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said she doesn’t like the signs. She thinks they’re threatening and “tacky.” She also said she has had six dogs get hit and killed by drivers in the more than 20 years she has lived on this street and it still doesn’t change her opinion.”

  • Speeding should be a misdemeanor crime in every circumstance and if you get pulled over you should go to jail, not written a ticket. The fact that we as a society hedge the limit as an accepted law to break is so, so very stupid. I guess if everybody pointed lasers at airplanes it’s ok, or if every bike rider shot at any car that came to close IT”S OK. FUCK CARS AND ANY ASSHOLE WHO WANTS TO DEFEND THEM.

  • @infinite_jim
    I once got called in for jury duty many many years ago…. turns out it was to address multiple speeding ticket cases. They recycled us for the entire day. Anyway I learned that speeding is not an absolute crime. In other words you can go to court to defend yourself by admitting to the speeding infraction but with a justifiable excuse such as “I was moving with the flow of the traffic”, or “the weather was perfect for driving”, or “I was trying to pass someone to get out of a dangerous situation”, or “I was bleeding to death”, as long as the jury believes you, the infraction will disappear.

  • @infinite_jim
    I would understand your rage if there weren’t other equally dangerous moving violations that don’t get addressed by police, like tailgaiting and passing on the right. Before we start hauling people off to fail maybe we could ticket those people.