Galveston a ‘Welcoming City’; Houston’s Own ‘I Love You So Much’ Mural, Sort Of


Photo of Deer Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Pew Study: Over one million illegal aliens are here taking advantage of us and our system. They think they are special and can skip the line. Time to send them back home.

  • Galveston officially admits it’s a sanctuary city for border hoppers. Laws schmaws!

  • The state’s economy has been dependent on the importation of goods and people for decades. Why would you complain now?

  • SecureOurBorderNOW will be over to fix your fences and roofs, starting tomorrow, in lieu of those “one million illegals”. Just be patient, he/she will get to you as soon as he/she can!

  • I see the illegal alien apologists are here with their lame excuses. Roofs & fences got fixed before this mass invasion and they would get fixed after they are gone. Don’t be so quick to throw up your hands and give up.

    They aren’t supposed to be here. Remember, the laborers are working, but their wives and children are getting free educations at the schools we built for our kids and free healthcare at the hospitals that were built for Americans.

    Would you be OK with a group of people skipping the line at the grocery store? Of course you wouldn’t.

  • Ummm, exactly what history books are you reading that say america has ever once NOT been dependent on cheap imported labor to pick our fields and do our dirty work?
    Besides, if you don’t like it, attack it at the source. Maybe you should try talking to all those people that brought that cheap labor here with no intention whatsoever of making sure they went back. Hint, they don’t post on swamplot, they run for president.
    Maybe we shouldn’t have wasted all that money during the Cold War permanently destabilizing south america with coups and gang warfare which is the current source of our immigration problems.
    Maybe we shouldn’t have turned an entitlement system into a pyramid scheme that’s dependent on mass immigration, legal or not.
    It costs about $12k per student annually. How much do you think it costs to detain and deport someone?

  • Excuses, excuses. SIGH

    How many crimes are committed by illegal aliens? How much money does it cost to track them down and then house them in prison? Don’t be so gullible as to think they are all here just to work.

    How much untaxed $$ is sent back to their home countries as remittances each year?

    How much $$ do we spend educating anchor babies? How much money do we spend on their emergency room visits?

    It’s time we did something about the problem instead of cuing up the sad violin music with the sob stories. They selfishly skipped the line for self gain & it costs us billions per year. Wake up.

    Ignorance is no excuse:

  • One article mentions Houston’s commercial real estate being on a list with Cleveland, OH. If you want Houston to be on more lists with Cleveland, OH, send a half million illegal aliens back south of the border. Class C multifamily would collapse and the associated retail in the immigrant communities would also fall apart. Labor shortages would crush the construction, restaurant, child care and landscaping industries. And I do not see a big migration from #MAGA land in the Midwest rust belt to come to Houston to mow lawns and hang drywall for $8 an hour.

  • The Commissioner’s court isn’t Hispandering like the city, thankfully. They don’t foolishly let illegal aliens with criminal records walk so they’ll look good to their constituents.

    From Guidry news:

    Galveston County Commissioners Court on Tuesday voted 4-1, with Stephen D. Holmes opposed, to consider a partnership with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the sheriff’s office in order to collect information about immigration enforcement challenges via completion of a “Needs Assessment.”

    Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said the partnership “is going to make our job easier.”

    “Every time someone is arrested, if we determine that they are in this country illegally and it’s only in this jail facility that this is going to occur, then we contact ICE to assist us to further determine who these individuals are,” said the sheriff. “We have information – 57 consulates – we call them once it’s determined that someone’s in our jail if they’re from that country of origin, to make them aware that they’re in our facility.”

  • “send a half million illegal aliens back south of the border.”

    It’s a start!

    “Labor shortages would crush the construction, restaurant, child care and landscaping industries. ”

    Bovine excrement.