Galveston After the Second Great Hurricane


“My sense is that Galveston will come back as a weekender community and a modest tourist vista, but that commerce not related to the tourism industry will continue to decline at an accelerated rate. My sense is that what we might see in 20 years is a community comprised of a few high-rise condos and resorts along the seawall, the ubiquitous weekender homes on the West Beach and not much else. It will certainly be easier to evacuate such a community.” [Houston’s Clear Thinkers]

One Comment

  • Nonsense. People like to waste their money when they have the money to spend. Service industries require housing for lower income people, esp. those who own their homes or shacks in the back alleys. Govt. will pay $8 mil for more sand every year, rebuild extend the seawall if not make everything high, like they should, to 20-25ft above storm tide on concrete piers – no more creosote poles for houses in the 21st century?
    Build higher to protect your valuables. See those condos out there, with Frank’s tours (ch2)? Survivability, more people will stay in the Cat. 3 next time.