Galveston Elementary Still in After-School Detention

GALVESTON ELEMENTARY STILL IN AFTER-SCHOOL DETENTION Well into Burnet Elementary School’s third year of post-Ike limbo, a school district spokesman says one idea is to fix the hurricane-ravaged property’s exterior, roof, and air conditioning so it can be used as warehouse space. There’s “a good chance” FEMA would pay for repairs, but no funds have been negotiated yet. Then there’s the other option: selling the campus. But the district doesn’t think it would get a very good price in the current market, and what if they need to open up a new school a few years later? [Galveston County Daily News] Photo: Galveston ISD

One Comment

  • GISD waited 30 years before selling the much more desirable Lovenberg school land. I doubt we’ll see anything mind blowing anytime soon.

    On a related note I attended this school in the late 80s and it flooded at least 4 times while I was there.