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  • His employer, a sub contractor of some sort, probably does not have Workers Comp. So, when he falls, taxpayers will pick up the cost of his medical care.

    There is also a very good chance that either he or his employer will sue the GC for not insuring that the workplace is safe as there are probably not any signs on the job site warning workers to not stack 5 gal pails and stand on them.

    Gotta love the construction business and low bid contractors!

  • @jost, although that’s a very common view, I always see it working out differently… The most taxpayer may be on the hook for is the immediate emergency room care. The worker most likely does not qualify for worker’s comp or any other government benefits. We’ve fought claims before by showing the Subcontractor is liable for his employees, that the employee was working here illegally, or simply showing that the employee was incompetent and led to his own injuries. Most of the time the subcontractor will hush the problem up because he wants to finish the job and get paid. Also, Texas juries do not look favorably on “injured” workers trying to hit a jackpot.

  • What’s the problem? I do that all the time. I usually stack them three or four high, though.

  • It’s a guy stealing copper wire.