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  • Seems somewhat cheap for a luxury beachfront home (chuckled at the $50 deduction from $1 mill – thanks for that). Finishes appear higher-end, and worthy of an upcharge. Was expecting an exorbitant monthly homeowner’s fee, but only saw the $1,600/year.

    Yet, it does risk being decimated by a hurricane. Can’t you rent these out for good money? I would think that alone would demand a higher price, but I am no expert on west-Galveston real estate.

  • Agree with Superdave. A house like that in the Heights would be worth 50 Billion at least. And if that column is a custom Wyland piece then add at least a few more dollars.

  • There is a ridiculous number of beds in that house. From my count, room for at least 12 people to sleep, not including the numerous couches. That’s a little too crowded for my tastes.

  • The exterior looks like two drab, ugly houses that were glued together. The interior is great. And there are that many beds everywhere because most likely this house is rented out to bigger groups and family reunions for premium $.

  • Galveston beachfront architecture is weiiird…

  • That staircase would be so much cooler if it wrapped around a real elliptical aquarium and not just a picture of one.