Garden Oaks Hare Krishna Temple Ready for Its Gold Turret Tops

These gold-colored turret-toppers were at long last delivered to the Hare Krishna Temple on 34th St. at Golf Ave. this week, reports a Swamplot reader who sent in photos. Construction on a new 24,000-sq.-ft. temple at the facility — scheduled to include a vegetarian restaurant inside — began in 2005. The Houston congregation of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness first moved into a former church at 1320 W. 34th St. in 1984. Two deities made out of brass — but which looked like they might be gold — were stolen from an altar at the temple last October. Here’s what the new building is supposed to look like when it’s finished:


Photos: Swamplot inbox. Renderings: ISKCON of Houston

One Comment

  • That’s a pretty long time to hold a Building Permit open with the City of Houston, isn’t it?

    I wonder how they do that….:P

    Be glad once it’s ‘done’ and the trash debris from crating isn’t blowing down the adjacent streets.

    Now if we could ONLY get the residents of Krishna Court to sync up with Heavy Trash Pick Up in the open ditches vital to water runoff of the entire street!

    Hint: It’s not ‘Any day you want to.”