Garden Oaks West End Cleaners Makes a Sudden Break Across 290 for Westview

West End Cleaners, 3406 N. Shepherd Dr., Garden Oaks, Houston, 77018

No, says a representative of West End Cleaners who’s been fielding calls this afternoon, the business isn’t shutting down. It’s just departing hastily from its branch location of a few more hours at the remodeled N. Shepherd strip center on 34th St. (in the spot between Pink’s Pizza and the Garden Oaks Veterinary Clinic) due to a rent hike. Plans have already been laid to land near the intersection of Westview Dr. and Silber Rd.; the business is also scouting for a new location in the old neighborhood, near 34th and Ella.

Furthermore, the rep emphasizes strongly that the clothing currently in-house will not be donated in 24 hours, as has been suggested on Facebook; all clothes will be moved over to the new location, and the business’s pickup and delivery service will continue as normal. The original actually-in-West-End location at 4918 Washington Ave is still in service, too out of service as well; the business’s phone system lists it along with additional spots in the Energy Corridor and Cinco Ranch.

Photo: ‎Isela Lopez Venecia



N. Shepherd Cleanout

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  • Hope they take that beautiful sign with them..

  • Unfortunately, the Washington location closed abruptly months ago…no explanation other than, “…you can go to our other location in Garden Oaks…”

  • Thanks, HAW — we’ve updated the article!

  • Hmmm. Next to the DQ? That area is ripe for some new businesses with all the new housing going up. Some “Garden Oaks” type restaurants would be nice to counter the chains at the MarqE.