Getting A Bigger Charge Out of Memorial Park

A reader who happened upon an outing of Blink stations at Memorial Park sends in this photo evidence that the commercial electric-vehicle chargers are multiplying. Two Blink stations at the nearby Houston Arboretum had been installed by the September 8th rollout of a city-wide drive-electric program. A total of 200 Blink-brand stations are being installed in the Houston area.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Hooray for dirty, nasty coal generated electric cars!

  • I am all for electric vehicles and charging stations. The reductions in smog forming emissions that have been made by ship channel industries over the past decade will be completely wiped out by increased motor vehicle emissions over the next decade. Electric vehicles are going to be a necessity.

    But, what gooberhead at City Hall came up with the idea of putting the chargers at the Tennis Center parking lot at Memorial Park? Those spaces are almost always filled from 5 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, as people pile into the park to run on the trail or play tennis. Good luck trying to keep people from parking their no-electric vehicles in those spaces.

  • How many electric vehicles have been sold in Houston?

  • Old School ; Exactly. The a**holes are the same ones who park in handicapped spaces. I just call the tow truck and have the offenders car towed away. That’ll teach the douche bag. But,who ever OK’d placing EV stations in some of these locations are,as you put in so well,gooberheads. But he/she/they are government agency employees,who are not known for logical thinking skills.

  • Patrick, could you please try to post a comment that doesn’t contain insults or profanity? Just once? It’s not so hard.

  • Yet another brand of charging card I’ll have to buy if I ever want to use it. As a new owner of an electric car I have been really surprised that all of the advertised “Charging Stations” are administered by separate companies, and the ones I’ve seen so far have required you to have a proprietary “charge card” you swipe to gain access to the juice. So at this rate I’ll have to carry around a separate wallet for all these cards.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am super pleased so many organizations/companies/cities are going through the trouble of putting in charging stations – I just wish they’d have a “text to charge” app or something to simplify the process.

  • Bill, you realize that an electric car, even one that gets its justice from a coal plant, is way way less polluting than a car with a gas engine? Plus if/as the power type on the grid changes, so will the source of power for electric cars. The same cant be said about gas cars. They’ll always burn gas