Getting Ready for an Alcoholic Barbershop Experience Where the Parking Lot is Going Pink on E. 20th St.

Remodel of Heights Plaza, 420 E. 20th St., Heights, Houston, 77008

A makeover is underway at the Heights Plaza at 420 E. 20th St. between N. Main and Heights Blvd. Swamplot reader JerseyGirl sends photos of the strip center, once home to Sunny’s Washateria and J & R Boudin; the building is keeping some of its 1970s architectural details (such as those embedded cinderblocks) but is also getting some updates, including a total interior redo and a new white and bubblegum color scheme extending to the parking lot.

Workers on the site confirmed that one of the new tenants will be Birds Barbers, an Austin salon known for providing Shiner Bock as part of its customer experience — in addition to using it as a styling product, for “hair that is smooth and full of shine”. Steel City Pops will also move in — the Alabama-based popsicle chain, which the owner modeled off a Mexican paletas store encountered in Nashville, currently lists flavors including buttermilk, wassail, and spruce on the menu of their Dallas location.

Earlier renderings from Schaum & Shieh show the Heights Plaza strip center (to be rechristened The 420) as it may soon appear — give or take a high-gloss sheen, and those pink parking stops and bricks:


Remodel of Heights Plaza, 420 E. 20th St., Heights, Houston, 77008

Remodel of Heights Plaza, 420 E. 20th St., Heights, Houston, 77008

Workers say the renovations to the facade should be complete in about 8 weeks; interior buildout will begin soon after.

Remodel of Heights Plaza, 420 E. 20th St., Heights, Houston, 77008

Images: JerseyGirl via Swamplot inbox (photos); Schaum & Shieh (renderings)



Heights Gets the Birds

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  • Will you have to get a membership at the barber shop to get a beer?

  • Do I want to drink a beer while getting my hair cut? Will it get hair in it? Is it comfortable to drink a beer while holding your head in hair-cutting position? Will I have time to finish it? I have a lot of questions about this concept.

  • I think the dry rules only apply for buying/selling of alcoholic beverages. Giving them away for free doesn’t break any rules, is my understanding.

  • Cutthroat Barbers on the east side already does this. They have 8th wonder on tap and give it out free to customers. That place is pretty solid. But yeah, it’s a good idea to keep a palm over your beer when they’re cutting your hair, and avoid taking a drink when the straight razor is out.

  • How can a strip center to be renamed “The 420” not have a head shop? Something’s wrong here. LOL…

  • Nice job on the strip center. Never seen one that stylish.

  • When did patterned concrete block become a 1970’s detail? Ed Stone popularized it in the 1950’s.

  • $4 for a frickin’ popsicle? Yeah, “The 420” is very appropriate.

  • I drink wine while my husband gets his pedicure. At 11am on a weekday morning .. It’s superb..