Giant Hole in the Ground for Senior Living Center Now Taking Shape on Buffalo Speedway

The monumental earthwork undertaking at 9339 Buffalo Spdwy., just south of Murworth and a bit north of the intersection with Main St., appears to be nearing completion. This is the 12-acre site where Dallas-based developer Tradition Senior Living is planning to plant its first Houston facility. A reader panning a camera from north to south this weekend from a spot on the Buffalo Spdwy. edge of the precipice shows the expansive extent of the enormous new dirt gap:


63 of the 316 planned units are for assisted living and 31 are for “memory care“; the remaining 222 are designated as independent living.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Digging In for Tradition

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  • I’m curious about the economics of building underground parking vs just putting parking at ground level. Is it driven by aesthetics? The site is enormous and they surely have the space. Are they planning additional dev on the rest of the property along S Main?

  • Poor bastards at Bethany Church, scant blocks from this location. They thought the neighborhood needed another “senior living center”. I mean look at the demographics! By my quick mental count there are a dozen facilities serving this demand in a six block radius.
    This is read as “high concentration of under served elderly”, construed as “old folks needing to move. Trade lifetime care for that nice lot in a desire able neighborhood”. So very, very wrong.

  • Silly inner looper! That’s not parking! That’s emergency genset, electrical switchgear, and pump room! Right next to the sump (not shown) (not there).

  • Giant retention basin, just in time for the approaching storm.

  • I welcome our new senior living overlords!
    As I creep towards decrepitude, I’ll be glad to move in when the time comes and still maintain my Inner Loop lifestyle. Plus, I’ll only be a short ride up Main to the hospital. Convenience at its finest for longer lifespans. (tongue in cheek)

  • I wonder if any of Tradition’s units will be ‘affordable’. Folks on local Nextdoor report the Bethany project may receive HUD funding, with section 8 vouchers, etc. While (as noted) the area may be replete with senior living options, I’d like to see data on the spectrum of affordability.

  • In 2012 we bathtubbed our jobsite to make foundation and underground construction easier. This turned out to be one of the wettest years on record.

  • hmmm what should they call it? I think….. Sliver Lakes at the Medical Centre