Gingerbread Modern: A First Draft House You Can Bake Yourself

Realizing that Modern house fans may want a little gingerbread of their own this season, local online small-houseplan hawker Hometta is offering detailed instructions on how to bake a mostly edible version of the Draft House, a 3-bedroom, 2-bath model designed by the half-Houston-based HouMinn Practice. And the construction documents for this very small house are . . . free! Among the ingredients: dry mixes and peppermint sticks from the Whole Foods gingerbread chalet kit.

If you like how the sample goes together, plans for a full-size, non-edible version of the Draft House are available from Hometta too. But they’re gonna cost you.


Rendering: HouMinn Practice

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  • If you want to build a big house with no windows on the sides, you have no taste. But given that, the modernist approach sure looks better than just building a brick cube with a couple of solid blank faces on it.
    For tiny edible houses, though, the modernist design is nearly perfect. Architecture at its best.

  • I’d prefer mirrored commercial curtainwall for the banks of windows, and the house would hopefully face some feature of interest (i.e. a skyline, a body of water, etc.), but otherwise I like it. The windowless sides of the home give it a sense of solidity. I’d think that the flow of light through either end of the home would open up some interesting interior design options, as well.